Charles Hill

Chuck has a knack for telling people's stories through documentary film and photography. He spent the summer of 2012 in Cambodia and the last semester of his senior year in Varanassi, India. In India, Chuck studied yoga and meditation and is now able to do a scorpion. He also went on a Buddhist retreat to the Bodhi Tree where the Buddha first achieved enlightenment. The issues he is most passionate about are child soldiering, fair trade in the garment industry, and educational opportunities for the underprivileged. Chuck is looking forward to immersing himself in the Ecuadorian culture and his new community.


How my holiday season was spent in Ecuador.

I have been extremely busy and apologize for not writing sooner, but hey it’s better late than never. The first thing I want everyone to know is that I am now living with a new host family. I currently live with my host mom, Ruby, two nineteen year old host sisters, Nicky and Natalie, and my 21 year old…

24 January, 2014

Equality, and bringing people together. (Blue Sweater analysis)

As part of our fellow work, we read The Blue Sweater byJacqueline Novogratz. This book is about Jacqueline’s quest to bridge the gap between rich and poor in our increasingly interconnected world.  In this book, Jacqueline donates her prized blue sweater after she outgrew it.  Eleven years later, she sees a boy in Rwanda wearing this sweater with her name…

04 December, 2013

My apprenticeship is filled with fun and games

My apprenticeship has been full of  fun and games. In addition to my street vendor work, I am helping out at a school called Teodoro, where my host brothers go to school. At the school, I have been helping teach English. I have been teaching the kids new words and phrases  in creative ways. For…

13 November, 2013

Family Reunions and Napo

The experiences that I have had with my family and community over the past two weeks are indescribable.  I finally understand how much a community is wrapped up into one huge family here in Ecuador.  Everyone relies on each other and cares for one another especially my family. They have welcomed me as one of their own. I first…

18 October, 2013

Starting My New Life in Imbabura

Hi it is me Chuck again, and I am now living in Ibarra, which is the capital of the Imbabura Province.  I am working at a credit union called Buscando Un Amigo.  I was told that I am going to be talking and helping out with a lot of market vendors, which I have been….

02 October, 2013

Ecuador is all about family and friends!!!

Ecuador is simply amazing!!!

17 September, 2013

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Charles Hill