Chantal Tènnessen Smeland

Chantal is unequivocally passionate about the idea of personal challenge and example, idealism, altruism and action, intercultural understanding, exploring the world and life, equality, healthcare and dance. An adventurous United World Colleges alumna, she has been involved in projects regarding health, rehabilitation, politics and environment across borders, as well as attending a school that was built on the aforementioned values. Always wanting to develop and grow, she doesn't hesitate to embrace the unexpected and hence partakes in everything, be it inside or outside her comfort zone. Her goals for the year is to grasp every opportunity that arises, and through learning a new language, culture and life; gain a deeper insight in global politics, Indian culture, people, gender-biased bigotry and herself withal. She hopes that through the programme and personal initiative she will develop her leadership skills, and learn how she can implement her knowledge more efficiently to generate necessary change. She lives by Einstein's quote: "Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible."


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Chantal Tènnessen Smeland