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This was the response I usually got when a Global Citizen Year Fellow of mine found out about my ethnicity: “You’re Korean?! Oh my gosh, I love bibimbap!” “Bibimbap?” I would respond. “Yeah! Bibimbap!” Bibimbap is a Korean dish well-known for its symphony of flavors. It is made with rice, a variety of Korean side-dishes…

18 November, 2013

Quito, Ecuador: The Beginning

The sun gently caressed my face. The dogs nearby began to bark in unison. I got up out of my bed, dazed, and opened the curtain in front of my window. I was suddenly blinded by the intense light and then I saw it… Quito! Ecuador! I was finally here! After months of fundraising for my summer campaign, after…

11 November, 2013

I am Chan Mi, an exotic pizza!

I am not your typical pizza. In fact, you may find my combination of ingredients to be strange, exotic, or just plain ol’ different. Let me explain: Seoul of South Korea. Nairobi of Kenya. Rhode Island, California, and Alaska of America. All these locational ingredients have each left unique and strong impacts on my life: Step 1: Pizza dough that…

23 July, 2013

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Chan Mi Joo