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Celina L. Ma Kwan


Live From The Field

April 3, 2016

water struck by celina ma kwan the news says “el niño has arrived.” and mornings have made these walls hues of suppression my back has limboed it’s way in the return of emptiness where my body has spilled itself remain here where these sheets are now stained of me and everything that is lost there...

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Nature Calls

November 7, 2015

My index finger subconsciously found contact with my lock button on my phone – 13:04 it read. The sun stitched my pores, permeating weights of exhaustion through my limbs all the while exuding a light caramel from my skin. No one ever uses sunscreen here or do they bother to check the time. The day...

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¿Qué estás haciendo en Ecuador?

November 6, 2015

Quick general update: It’s been a little over a month since my twelve hour bus ride down south from Quito, Ecuador. I currently live in a semi-urban community known as Paute within the province of Azuay along with a host family that consists of nephews, a younger brother and sister, a dad, a mom, a...

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In The Middle of It All

September 21, 2015

It’s been a conflicting three weeks as far as In-Country Orientation went in Quito, Ecuador.   My host family that consisted of a mother and her two daughters (who are both almost twice as older than I am) decided to take me on a visit to Mitad del Mundo, “middle of the world” this past...

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September 9, 2015

a poem to departure lately i have been finding myself gripping on doorknobs as if they were hands clasping on ever so tightly to the stillness and consistency as i transcend in between a moment of hesitation and assemblies of brief holy gatherings in my lungs unmolding my soles from familiar floors it is a...

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