Cecily Montgomery

Cecily is passionate about international politics. She is involved in theater, Junior State of America (a political club for students), and geocaching. Her goals for the year are to improve her Spanish language skills, get outside her comfort zone, and experience the natural beauty of Ecuador.


Coffee, coffee everywhere but not a drop to drink

In the States I was an avid coffee drinker.  Every morning I would take my to-go cup with me into my first class at school and it wasn’t until I had finished it that I would feel fully awake.  After school I would often treat myself to a twenty-ounce iced coffee that would help keep me up into the…

23 February, 2014

Jobs, Friendships, and the Passage of Time

Before coming to Ecuador nearly everyone from Global Citizen Year warned us that we might struggle with the seemingly slow passage of time.  In the beginning this was true—the spare time in the afternoons seemed endless and the first few weeks in my community were incredibly lengthy.  Now, however it feels as if time has…

10 January, 2014


This post is a sort of accompaniment to my previous post titled “I’m Confident.” I wrote near the beginning of March ‰Ò I was told I would change. That’s what everyone said about Global Citizen Year – they changed, you would find change in yourself. I didn’t entirely believe this. My U.S. family visited me…

10 October, 2013

Mount Pichincha

The world is an extraordinary place.  Though this statement seems obvious enough, I have realized how often I would forget it as I got caught up in the stresses and hustle and bustle of my life back at home. Meeting the fellows and arriving in Ecuador has brought this message back to me.  The most incredible experience I have had…

02 October, 2013

Outside my comfort zone

“There are always two choices. Two paths to take. One is easy. And its only reward is that it’s easy.”  This is the quote I repeat to myself as I prepare for my journey to Ecuador.  I could, like most of my peers, go straight to college.  This path would be the easier one for…

02 August, 2013

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Cecily Montgomery