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Caroline Blackburn

Caroline was drawn to Global Citizen Year's program because it appealed to her unending thirst for adventure and travel. After attending a four-year magnet arts high school with a concentration in theater, Caroline has a long history with several art forms and enjoys comedic journaling and music, as well as learning new languages. She is passionate about women's rights, Latin American studies, cultural economics, and has a tremendous (as well as somewhat erratic) love for adventure and discovery. Her goals this year during her cultural immersion are to learn Brazilian Portuguese on a proficient level and be able to gain a totally different perspective of the world before returning to the United States.


A Clover for my Thoughts

April 23, 2014

“I don’t know, Abby.  Sometimes I really just don’t know if there’s really anyone out there looking out for me.  I like to believe it sometimes, but I never get the guaranteed feeling that someone is going to reach out and catch me when I fall.  You know?” After discovering with much disappointment that the...

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Dude. You Need to Chill.

November 1, 2013

“For gosh sakes, Kat! Quit it with the nervous tick already! You’re making the entire table shake.” Unfortunately, this phrase was one I’d heard more times than I’m proud to present.  Whether it was during school lunches, in the library (be it school or public), during a class presentation, or waiting behind the curtains for...

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Caroline, not Carolyn

July 12, 2013

Life, as I have learned, is full of changes.  And it goes without saying that my life is – and will continue to be – full of worldly adjustments to cater to those changes. As anybody who has lived in Cheshire will tell you, it’s a very friendly small town, wonderful for raising a family,...

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