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Carolina Castillo

Carolina Castillo is passionate about traveling and has a desire to break language barriers, and change the world one flight at a time. She is involved in the program, a non-profit organization that supports first generation college students. During her time as a scholar she has completed community service hours to give back to her community. Carolina traveled to Uganda, at only sixteen years of age and became the first in her family to ever travel internationally. During her time in Uganda she was able to immerse with the Ugandans and discussed issues in their communities and learned qualities in being a leader. Carolina then received the opportunity to travel to Beijing, China at seventeen years of age with the program "Americans Promoting Study Abroad". She was able to improve her Mandarin and immerse with the culture. Having the opportunity to study outside the books and actually be present with the country. Carolina has set a goal to enjoy and learn more about the culture during her time in Ecuador. She has also set a goal to fundraise for GCY while abroad. Carolina is inspired to represent her community Boyle Heights and proof there is no limit to success.


The Guinea Pig

December 19, 2017

The Plan Hey everyone my name is Carolina Castillo, and welcome to my blog! The plan was to start blogging before arriving to Ecuador, but of course that didn’t happen. Why? Simple. Wait, no, it’s actually quite complicated…  let’s start from the beginning. I had just graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School, and was not...

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