Buddy Bomze

Buddy is passionate about engineering and the environment. He participated in high school robotics and plans to continue pursuing similar hobbies in college. Buddy was also on his schools Envirothon team, studying forestry and current environmental issues. Buddy was also a member of his school’s ultimate frisbee team, and always enjoys the chance to throw a frisbee with friends. His goals for the year are to understand and adapt to a new culture, explore a new part of the world, and to grow his communication skills. Buddy is inspired by the complex relationships in nature that humans do and do not understand.


Just A Soccer Game

Today was the third day of Global Citizen Year’s Global Launch. At Global Launch I have been exposed to a caliber of diversity unlike anything I ever imagined. I could go on to explain all of the interesting learning we have been doing about the…

30 August, 2019

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Buddy Bomze