Bryneth Fuller

Bryneth is passionate about understanding and learning anything and everything. She is involved in educational outreach, and LGBTQ rights as well as numerous other causes. Her main goal for the year is to creating lasting relationships with her host family and fellows. Her favorite quote is "Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best."


Transportation In India PART 2

Olas Indian Name-Cab GCY Fellow Name-Ola (NO NEED TO GET FANCY HERE)   SPEED   Rating: 2/5 Ola is not one of the fastest modes of transport out there. Often, the driver will not even move until you call them and not even go to…

20 March, 2018

Transportation In India PART 1

Auto Rickshaws Indian Name-Auto GCY Fellow Name- Rick (ONLY WEIRDOS SAY SHAWS)   SPEED¬†   Rating: 4/5 This ride is one of the best I know to get somewhere fast. Due to the small size, they can weave through traffic pretty easily when compared to…

06 March, 2018

Missing Home

I miss America. I miss the nature so nearby with a forest an hour one way and a beach an hour the other. I miss the freedom of its roads connecting each of its cities like a lifeline. That feeling of driving down the highway…

25 December, 2017


Dear World, One week to departure training, and…to be completely honest, I'm scared. People will tell you that adventures like these are wonderful, exciting, and all together a truly fantastic thing to do. They know about books on the subject, someone they heard in a…

19 August, 2017

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Bryneth Fuller