Briana Merrigan

Briana is passionate about learning about the world firsthand and making a positive impact on others. She is involved in three different sports, active with her church, and enjoys outdoor activities like backpacking and rock climbing. Her goals for the year are to discover new interests, create lasting relationships with other fellows and people she meets in Ecuador, and to be bold in everything she does.


being home

What it was like to leave I remember looking at my suitcases all packed up in my tiny, concrete room thinking, How was that eight months!?” Most times in my journey I thought I would never be back home or thought I would be home earlier than expected because I just couldn’t make it any…

02 June, 2015


Last week my region had our second training seminar with another region that we hadn’t seen for about five months. Catching up on our lives, I was frequently asked the question, ‰ÛÏSo‰Û_ do you have friends in your community?‰Û Along with many others, I shamelessly responded, ‰ÛÏHaha definitely not.‰Û But returning to Colta Monjas Alto…

03 March, 2015

Little Moments

This past weekend I found myself in bat position

10 February, 2015

Baby Steps

“Dios le pague,” I say as I’m handed a steaming plate of rice and pig skin. This roughly translates to “God pays you,” and is a less cold-hearted version of “gracias.” Had I known this sooner, I would never have said “gracias” so often. Whoops. But I’m learning. I started here as an infant, barely…

24 November, 2014

Why Expectations Are Good

Since 8th grade, I have backpacked at least 45 miles each summer, so when my friends and I decided to hike the volcano, Pichincha, one Saturday afternoon I felt confident in my abilities. However, as we rode up to the base of the mountain in el Teleferico (basically a ski lift) and the air was already…

24 September, 2014

Rivers and Roads

“A year from now, we’ll all be gone, all our friends will move away,” As I sang these words at my graduation party surrounded by lifelong friends, I felt something coming to an end. Not the end of friendships, but the end of this stage in life. We are all inevitably pushed and pulled in…

31 July, 2014

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Briana Merrigan