Brian Hill

Brian Hill is passionate about music, a wide range of social issues, and the discussion of difficult social topics. He is involved in community service and spreading awareness for social and cultural problems. His goals for the year are to improve upon his weaknesses, sharpen his strengths, attain fluency in the Spanish language, and to make the most out of this opportunity to experience a whole new world and lifestyle. His favorite quote comes from an idol of his, the legendary hip-hop artist Andre 3000, in the song "Ms. Jackson": "Forever never seems that long until you're grown, and notice that the day-by-day ruler can't be too wrong."


Why Should You Take A Gap Year?

     There are endless reasons that you should take a gap year abroad instead of going directly to college. When you participate in a program like Global Citizen Year, you gain an indescribable amount of experience, perspective, and connection that you just wouldn’t get…

26 May, 2019

A Reflection on the Holidays away from Home

Christmas is really different here in Ecuador. There just isn’t the same hype and celebration that’s present back home in the United States. Businesses are actually open on Christmas here, whereas Waffle House is pretty much the only place you can find food out of…

12 February, 2019

What Not to Do When Preparing for a Gap Year

*My mom is freaking out.* I mean, you really can’t blame her. I’m the youngest child, and both of my older siblings are way past college and returning to live at home during the summer. So, I’m the only child left, and not only am…

13 September, 2018

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Brian Hill