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Brian Baylor

From Brooklyn, New York, Brian has most recently lived in Orange, Connecticut. He has an active imagination and loves to express himself by drawing. Brian has worked as a camp counselor in the summer, performed in plays in a neighborhood theater group, and helps his family raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


It’s a Photo Shoot

February 14, 2012

–       Liquid hydration= acquired –       Clothes (underwear, shorts, ripped t-shirt, socks, Senegalese jelly shoes)= ON –       Space Time Continuator (watch)= Check –       K-9 companions= Following   Almost every day I like to try and maintain physical fitness by going on a thirty minute run through Senegal’s beautiful all natural landscape. The run provides a sense...

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In a Man’s World…

November 3, 2011

Feeling a part of something is a high in itself, and recently I peaked in a situation that I’ve never experienced before. Earlier today I worked with my uncle in the local cemetery. This is no ordinary cemetery though; what’s special about this cemetery is that it has both Catholic and Muslim family members in...

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Time Spent Pondering

September 10, 2011

As I take my Siesta time, reminiscing rather than sleeping, my mind is racing, wondering what to think of it all thus far. I flash back to a “Fellow” and I, searching for his house, wandering aimlessly, confused on what was left and right in a district in Dakar known as S.I.C.A.P Mermoz. In our...

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The Book Called Life

July 14, 2011

All my life I’ve wanted to travel the world, whether I were to kayak in the Egyptian Nile, snowboard down the side of the Switzerland Alps, backpack Europe or even explore the rain forest. I’ve wanted to see more then what I just watched on television. My family wasn’t wealthy but my parents are working...

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