Boby Yazdi

Boby is passionate about economic inequality, Math, and politics. He likes brainstorming ideas to help small businesses grow. His experience with working with Bendthecycle, a non-profit that aims to bend the cycle created by socio-economic disadvantage, made him realize there is much to be done in the education system itself. His goal for the year is to have an impact on the kids he'll be teaching in India and to learn a new language, culture, and everyday problems from his host community. He is particularly excited about bonding with his new family and Global Citizen Year fellows.


Leveraging names

Today, March 6th, is the exactly one month and one day before I will leave India back to the states for a week long re-entry training at the beautiful Redwood forests. The training is the mark of the completion of my Global Citizen Year fellowship…

06 March, 2018

Moments I will look back to

So often, I have moments of self-realization. Underneath are some of these moments I will always remember. Cigarette man- I was drinking my daily carbonated water at the little metal shack turned store I am a usual customer at where I saw a relatively young…

25 January, 2018

Happinin’ in Hyderabad, India

It’s officially been more than 2 months and I think it’s safe for me to stay that I have adjusted pretty well in my community: I teach a 7th grade class that I love, I successfully vacationed with my host family, and have been around…

18 November, 2017

Why I applied to Global Citizen Year

Have you ever wondered why we have different countries? Have you ever wondered if the concept of countries further segregate us? Have you ever felt the need to be totally new somewhere so you can spend time thinking and doing what you truly love? Have…

26 August, 2017

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Boby Yazdi