Bijan Sanchez

With a multicultural background rooted in Hispanic, Iranian, and Indian origin, Bijan understands, appreciates, and continues to learn about the different cultures of the world. He has spent many hours volunteering in the field of health sciences and as a youth counselor. He is involved with various clubs at his high school and even helped establish a Stem Cell research group. Bijan enjoys playing soccer and doing Tae Kwon Do.



On my very last day in Morochos I went to town, printed out about fifty pictures of my favorite experiences with my host family, and bought a small photo album for all of them. I gave it to my mom at the very last moment before I left to Quito. They have a huge collection of photos from other…

02 May, 2013

A Day in Katy’s Life

One of my closest friends I have had here in Ecuador has been my host sister; Katerine, or Katy, is super shy, very funny, and loves Korean soap operas. Right now in in-country re-entry training she feels like one of the few special people I really, really extrañar from my community. I feel very lucky to have spent this…

02 May, 2013


Since November 2012 I have been taking Kichwa classes with Kimberly Tellez once or twice a week; I’ve also joined in with my sixth graders at my local school thursday afternoons for their Kichwa class too. I have learned so much of the language, but what I’ve found more interesting is the ancient beliefs and…

23 April, 2013

An Astounding Fact

(This post was originally a speech I made for my “Speak-up” presentation addressed to the entire Ecuador cohort during Training Seminar 2 in Esmeraldas. I left most of the speech as is for some soundness.) This post has to do with the most profound thing I have ever heard that came up in a class during the last semester of…

22 January, 2013

Quito Stories

During our first month or so in Quito we all had some interesting experiences and met some amazing people. A big part of my journey here has been trying to understand people and their unique backgrounds. I figured that people from a completely different country would definitely have a completely different set of influences on their upbringings that would dictate…

15 January, 2013

Morochos Stories

One of the more popular questions I have been asked by friends and family back home throughout the past few months in Ecuador has simply been: “What are you doing there?!” Well here to answer your query is my “day in the life” video I made for Teaching Seminar 1. I am in the Andean, indigenous community of Morochos…

04 January, 2013


Hello, my name is Bijan Sanchez, and I would just like to recount some of the reasoning’s behind the choices I have recently made that have eventually brought me here to the Andean, indigenous community of Morochos on my Global Citizen Year. The choice, the choice was always there; such a simple yes or no is granted for me…

04 January, 2013

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Bijan Sanchez