Bihotza James-Lejarcegui

Bihotza James-Lejarcegui is passionate about social justice and equity. She has been involved in numerous clubs throughout high school, including a program she started called Welcome! that worked with immigrants and refugees. Bihotza pushed for equity through forms of activism such as protests, walk outs for gun control, kneelings for the Black Lives Matter movement, and pushing to install Gender Neutral Restrooms in her school. Bihotza is excited to be immersed in a different culture where she can improve her Spanish and learn about the Indigenous regions and people of Ecuador. She is also excited to take a break from an academic setting to help and learn from others. Bihotza is inspired by the many people who resiliently stand up for their rights and the rights of others.


Overview of Apprenticeship– Quilloac

Intro Teaching is hard, and the first few weeks I wasn’t sure how I felt about my job. When I entered the elementary school classroom, the teacher handed me the text book and asked me to teach, since she knows basically no English. My first week on the job, this teacher had an appointment and…

25 March, 2019

Photos of December in Ecuador

Host brother Pedro’s 11th birthday Performing with my dance academy “Paradigma Dance Crew” at a Quinceañera 4) Walking through the city of Cuenca Retreat on the coast of Puerto Lopez. Along with presentations, speakers, and discussions about the various effects of “voluntourism”, we got mud masks, played soccer on the beach, and visited a National…

15 January, 2019

All in the Mindset

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written my last blog post, but finally, here I am. I know you’ve all been waiting for this! So much has happened since the last time I’ve published that I don’t really know where to start. At first, I just couldn’t find inspiration- so much was happening in…

31 December, 2018

My Everyday Life in Ecuador

Sorry this is so long but I want you guys to know what my everyday life looks like in Ecuador! I am not building houses, providing poor children with toilet paper, or going on touristic excursions every weekend– I am living the life as an average, middle class Ecuadorian, and it is important for me…

21 October, 2018

It’s the way I’m living

It’s the freeing moment of slipping into my jacket and stepping foot outdoors, determination in my wandering footsteps and pressure against my chest as I struggle to breathe in the 10,400 ft altitude. It’s the way the clouds surround the rooftops and nestle themselves into the mountains, like a dress fitting around a woman’s curves,…

06 October, 2018

Making the Case for a Global Citizen Year

I don’t remember exactly how I heard about the idea of taking a gap year, but I do remember that once I learned about it, I felt a sincere need to do it. I grew up in an international household, speaking multiple languages and having family in various parts of the world that granted me…

26 September, 2018

Global Launch Take Aways– Don’t Forget to Snap

  Dreams are universal, opportunities are not.   Snaps.   This. This phrase, this thought, this realization, is enough to break a soul. It is enough to cause a panic, enough to catch a breath and still a mind. It is enough to make one notice themselves, the world they were born into, what they…

10 September, 2018

Why I Am Taking A Gap Year With Global Citizen

Growing up, my family has prioritized and valued traveling and learning languages. Though we enjoy relaxing vacations to the beach, almost every trip we have been on has cradled the purpose of learning. These trips have included visiting ruins of Indigenous pueblas, drives through the badlands and learning the pros and cons of herding buffalo…

19 August, 2018

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Bihotza James-Lejarcegui