Bennett Donine

Bennett is passionate about maintaining the beauty of life through restoration, environmental sustainability, access to education, and social change. She is involved in helping increase positive direction among young people through Peer Leadership, promoting environmental consciousness, and sparking engagement of the student body. Her goals for the year are to discover her role in a community by immersing herself in an unfamiliar one, develop life long communication skills, become functionally fluent in Spanish, and to gain a first-hand sense of the sociocultural aspects of Anthropology. Her favorite quote is "if you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much room", as she believes this lifestyle is necessary to ensure success and the over all wellbeing of our planet and its inhabitants.


13 May 2016

Tucked between the towering Andes, Quito, Ecuador is what many call a world-class metropolis. From my experience of my first month living there and my last three days preparing to say “hello again” to the U.S., I must agree. Upon my initial arrival to Quito alongside my final arrival to the U.S. where my inaccurate…

25 May, 2016


  Paula S. Rothenberg begins her judiciously organized collection of essays found in her book “Beyond Borders” with her own words regarding the purpose of her work: to dismantle the American privilege and its costs Michael Shwalbe addresses in the Afterword. She returns to his thoughts at the close of her collection, which reinforces her…

25 May, 2016

12 February 2016

My entire life I have been taught to accept certain truths as fact and certain knowledge as objective, but during my time abroad in Ecuador I have been able to see that some of these truths are not accurate. It is not as straightforward as I had once believed. We are all complex individuals never…

25 May, 2016

Through the Looking-Glass

August 19, 2015 I have pondered for quite some time, the notion that someday I will travel far away from the place I have lived my entire life. I assure you, finding out where has been a long sought imaginative prowl.   Today I reach toward a newer and richer experience. Bringing a new light…

05 September, 2015

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Bennett Donine