Barker Carlock

Barker attended Highland Park High School where he was an AP Scholar with Distinction, a member of the National Society of High School Scholars, and recipient of the Outstanding Advanced Placement English Award. He participated as a starting Varsity football player and was named to 2nd Team All-District as an Offensive Lineman and tight end. He served as Executive Officer of Student Council and Vice President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He served as an officer of Children's Medical Center Junior Leadership Board and would like to pursue international medicine.


Suspended Animation

Flight is truly a miracle, a spectacular marvel. There are four main principles to the concept of flight: lift, drag, weight, and thrust. I feel as though all of these forces are compounded upon me from all directions creating my first few days back in the States a sort of suspended animation. Never would I…

15 May, 2013

Final Video Conclusion

Here is a video that is a final summary of my experiences in Senegal as a 2012-2013 Global Citizen Year Fellow. Enjoy!

02 May, 2013

The Venture of One Republican for Democrat

With unfortunate circumstances in my apprenticeship and in my home stay, it was time for me to get out of Joal for a bit. Thanks to the generosity of our country director, Nicole, she allowed me to work at some land that she owns with her husband where they are using unique agriculture techniques as…

13 March, 2013

Texas vs. Senegal

Although Texas and Senegal have their obvious differences, my encounters thus far have unveiled core belief systems that link the two very dissimilar countries (yes, Texas is a country in its own right, and I will be referring to it as a “country”). Many similarities can be traced back to the religions within both countries….

12 March, 2013

So What Does Senegal Look Like?

It’s not easy to describe Senegal in words; therefore, I thought that the best way to show people what Senegal looks like was through video. Here are four videos that I made to help those outside of Senegal get a glimpse into the culture, people, and atmosphere. Enjoy! 1.    Sand Painting Demonstration ( Here is…

15 January, 2013

Reader be Forewarned: This Story Contains Diarrhea

For the past four days, my intestines have been ravaged. I have had the same liquid pouring out of both ends of my body. I’m not sure what the culprit was…perhaps the water, the greasy and sugary foods, the lack of exercise, etc. More than likely it was a combination of all of the above….

09 January, 2013

Off to Joal

Here is my second video documenting my year in Senegal! Off to Joal

05 December, 2012

Off to Joal

Here is the second video documenting my time in Senegal! Off to Joal

21 November, 2012

The Beginning of My Year

Here is my first video documenting this year!! The Beginning of My Year or

07 September, 2012

Life’s Cadenza

New Link It’s difficult for me to relay in only a few words who I am and why I do the things that I do. Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote, “the struggle of maturity is to recover the seriousness of a child at play.” That’s exactly what I plan to do in the next coming months….

27 July, 2012

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Barker Carlock