Avry Richter

Hello! Avry Richter is passionate about advocating for gender and racial equality while promoting the restoration of our natural world. She is involved in multiple mentoring programs and has completed trail work in her home state and internationally. She finds great joy in the outdoors and chooses to spend her time sharing that passion with the loved ones in her life. Her goals for this upcoming year are to open her heart to this experience while gaining the ability to be resilient and resourceful. She hopes to explore what this opportunity has to offer while staying mindful and present. Mary Oliver has some powerful words that resonate deeply with me including, "Tell me what it is, you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"


Air Part 1

The air is heavy. The air is hot. The air effects me, it affects the Venezulan man attempting to sell candies to the bus folk, it affects my host mom as she mightily lights flame to this weeks garbage, it affects the tiny tots who…

09 February, 2019

Golden Earth

Hello! It has been some time! Some time to feel, to live, to breathe in the sweet air of this country. With this I will be doing a series of blog posts that address the elements that aid in our existence and that define my…

20 December, 2018

Algae Bloom

If you had the opportunity to live, learn, and breath the air of another people, culture, family and country, would you? So, here I am. Here I am taking in this world as the moments pass. I sit here with Yolanda, Domenicha and myself in…

16 November, 2018

Maybe the journey begins where the pavement ends and the cactus grow

Wow! What a world we live in! A couple ponderings from the life I am creating in Ecuador: Maybe the journey can only begin when the pavement ends and the cactus grow. And maybe at this place you may find a heart filled home where…

03 October, 2018

Wild World Awaits

Howdy! A happy hello to you from the homestead in Colorado! Peepings from my window in this moment: The cacophony of locusts warming the world Wind speaking through charms from my porch A hazed out sky that has no room for stars or light to…

24 August, 2018

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Avry Richter