Ava Hoffman

Ava was inspired to take her Global Citizen Year after spending her junior year abroad in Italy, living with a host family and being immersed in the local culture and language. She is interested in political activism and civic engagement outside of America, and plans to major in International Relations in college. Ava enjoys backpacking and spending time in nature, as well as cooking up new and delicious vegetarian meals.


The Garden

Follow this link to watch a video that I compiled of my final community project. Thanks for watching!

23 April, 2013

Ciao to Tchau

In the words of political scientist Joseph LaPalombara, it is a “society in which a narrow circle of families control most of the wealth and much of the political power. While universal suffrage and mass-base parties have brought democracy…they have not unseated…the ruling political class” (111). Guess what country I am talking about?   Seeing as I’ve been living in Brazil for…

04 April, 2013

A Day in Their Lives

Follow the link to my video project about a day in the lives of Jessica, Marina, Tainá, Marielle and Raphael! Enjoy!    

01 March, 2013

Community Garden Video Project

For my Global Citizen Year community project, fellow Fellow Camille LeBlanc and I are planning to build a garden in the backyard of Bagunçaço, a youth cultural center in Salvador. Watch this video to learn more about our idea in promoting environmental awareness and health consciousness and to hear why one young man who frequents Bagunçaço wants to be involved…

26 February, 2013

Capão Video Project

Follow this link to view my video project from our orientation month in the beautiful Vale do Capão!

25 February, 2013

Another Reality

Two million, nine hundred ninety eight thousand and fifty six people live in the city of São Salvador de Bahia de Todos os Santos ₁. Of that population, six hundred and eight thousand and nine hundred seventy six inhabitants live in extreme poverty. — Salvador is beautiful in its own way. Always bustling, Salvador never…

18 December, 2012

O Ritmo da Vida Brasileira

The rhythmic beat of the drums rings in my ears as I enter the room, comprised of three walls of brick and mortar and a cement floor. The wall opposite to the entrance is lined with dozens of drums, each unique in size and shape. The instructor commences and the participants gather into a circle….

19 September, 2012

What’s Your Story

In my senior year Existentialism class, my teacher, Ms. Workman, introduced me to the existential extraordinaire Albert Camus. In The Plague, set in the French-settled town of Oran, Algeria, Camus describes a scene in which the main character, Dr. Rieux, and his friend, Tarrou, momentarily escape the plague-stricken town for a breath of fresh air…

10 July, 2012

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Ava Hoffman