Austin Nguyen

Austin is passionate about seeing the world and taking any opportunities that will help him grow. He has a very strong love for Track and Field and Cross Country and is heavily involved in the Boy Scouts of America. He has served as a leader on both his Track team and in his Boy Scout Troop, and was also a part of the Global Glimpse program in 2014, through which he went to the Dominican Republic for three weeks in order to learn and do service. He enjoys running, playing music, and writing, and is interested in healthcare and physical therapy. His goals for Ecuador are to grow as much as he can through everyone he will meet and everything he will experience, and to be able to give back to his community there as well. His favorite quote is: ÐThere are two things in life _ things you can control and things you cant control. Make the most of what you can control and dont worry about what you cant _ doing that will only bring you down.Ó This was told to him by a good friend of his in Scouting, named Khang Nguyen.



So in Global Citizen Year, we have a something called a speakup – basically, it’s a fellow’s time to get up in front of a selected audience and talk about whatever they want. It can be advice, a story, a really heavy moment – whatever! Afterwards, the fellow is given constructive criticism, so it’s a…

05 June, 2016

TIME – attempting poetry

(made for a gcy prompt in trying other forms of storytelling) its funny, i think. how all things change. in the time it takes for a seed to sprout up from the ground for clouds to come and go for rain to nuture new life for a head of corn to stand tall in the…

29 March, 2016


I used to feel really weird when other fellows told me they loved me. I think I was being sorta picky with my definition of “love” – it was like, “you’ve only known me like, 4 months man, do you really even know me enough to ‘love’ me” kinda stuff. It was also, I think,…

07 March, 2016


  Almost every day with Global Citizen Year is a lesson.Some days are Spanish classes, or I have informal Kichwa classes with my mother – those are lessons in a more traditional sense, I guess. Other days, the lessons are much more abstract. Sometimes I’m expanding on what I feel the meaning of being “happy”…

09 February, 2016


Firstly, the title is a play on the name of that one movie with Michael Cera in it: Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, I think. I’ve never seen it, but I’ve heard its good, so maybe I should. Secondly, I’ve realized lately that my coming here with Global Citizen Year has likely – no, definitely…

01 February, 2016

Home – Written Oct. 25

  Man. This program is honestly really taxing sometimes. When I left Quito and my first host family to come to Otavalo, I was way sad. I remember thinking that I wasn’t ready to leave my family, who I’d just begun to grow close to, and I wasn’t ready to leave a city that I…

05 November, 2015

VLOG #1: Snippets from Month 1

This is the beginning of my foray into Vlogging. This first video is basically entirely just clips strung together with music – maybe in the future I will venture more into speaking and whatnot. We’ll see what happens!    

19 September, 2015

Feels #1 – Rollercoaster

To be perfectly honest, I’ve been having trouble writing this second blog post. I’ve worked through maybe 3 different drafts, all about completely different subjects – all of those just didn’t feel right. They didn’t feel honest enough. So I’ve decided I’m going to write two different types of blogs – one that’s more “story-like,”…

19 September, 2015


A few weeks ago, I stood on the edge of a cliff, 20 feet over the surface of a pool of water. My friends and I had come to a place in Santa Cruz to swim and cliff-jump, and I somehow found myself scaling the rocks, climbing higher and higher until I found myself in…

25 August, 2015

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Austin Nguyen