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Love Letter to Sénégal

Sama Xol My Heart,   My life has finally reached a point of normalcy and I have to give it up? This is my home now, mon deuxième pays, my second country, my loving family, my students, my hard work, my joy, my dances, my baptisms, my disappointments, my surprises, my rice, my millet, my…

12 March, 2012

Blue Hose, Green Thumb, White Fuzzy Potential

Going back to school after winter break was never easier than today. After a long vacation filled with both homesickness and new experiences, I was rejuvenated to get back to work. I managed to drag myself to school (nearly) everyday and made some real progress on my newest and most exciting project, the school garden….

04 January, 2012

Caught, Killed, Plucked, Cooked, Eaten

Before Senegal I didn’t know I could get an appetite from looking at a live animal. Then after I witnessed the sacrifice and preparation of a sheep my first time I realized this wasn’t so impossible. After all, it’s nice to know where exactly your food is coming from and prepare it from field to…

12 December, 2011


Sunday, my sister Mamy and I took a day trip to Rufisque for some girl therapy shopping, Senegalese style. Which, is pretty contradictory considering shopping in Senegal is everything but relaxing. We took one of the yellow and blue buses with flowers and ALHAMDULILAH painted on the front. It resembled a large 1970’s VW bus…

11 November, 2011

Always on my Toes, and on my Head.

At my house, every week we wash the sheep. Coumbis and Hadi both laughed when I said I wanted to try but when they realized I was serious they told me to watch first. Hadi filled the bucket to the top, let me see how heavy it was, placed it on the top of her…

10 October, 2011

The Sounds of Senegal

My experience (and my favorite parts of my experience) thus far can be summed up simply in the sounds of Senegal. -The mosquito buzzing in my ear after I’ve spent at least 5 minutes wrestling with my mosquito net and am now desperate to fall asleep. -The pound of my Deub hitting the onions, peppers…

06 October, 2011

Small Town Girl

I once saw a bumper sticker that read, “do something every day that scares you.” In all honesty, this motto, my personal favorite, was largely a part of my decision to take a Global Citizen Year. I have lived in the same home in the same small town for all seventeen years of my life…

05 July, 2011

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