Atticus Maloney

Atticus is passionate about dance and computers. To him dance is a sport, an art, but also a way of being. Meditation is to Atticus' mind as dance is to his body. With the guidance of meditation, he learned the dance of effective studying (at least sometimes). Atticus wants to become an engineer-innovator. He loves technology, but more than that he loves the things that technology can do. People sometimes limit their abilities to inflexible structures, like the artificial dichotomy between the humanities and engineering. To truly innovate, Atticus feels he needs to combine these aspects of himself. Atticus' goals for the year are to become fluent in Spanish while learning about Ecuadorian culture before he goes to Swarthmore College as an engineer-innovator, bridging the gap between artistry and technology.To see more about Atticus, you can view his college application website:“From self-discipline, self-awareness, and clear realization of the defects of anger and the positive effects of kindness, come happiness and peace.” His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


Who’s Story is it??

Wait.. They invited the whole school?! When I made plans to present about my year abroad to my old elementary school I thought I would be presenting to my brother’s small Spanish Class. As it turns out, the whole school was invited.  In addition to that, I ended up walking into the classroom and realizing…

28 May, 2018

Annoyed Strangers, Giant Mickey Mouses, and Carving Out My Life in The U.S.

After a sleepless night filled with countless goodbyes, I left the redwoods to board a plane for Florida. “Wait!” you say, “don’t you live in Maine?” Indeed I do. However I had thought the easiest transition from Ecuador would be to put myself in the extremely American, money grubbing, plutocratic nation of Walt Disney World…

30 April, 2018

The Renaissance Time

I finally feel like I have my life here figured out, I mean more or less. There will always be those moments that remind you that, although you have been here for 6 1/2 months, you still lack the lifetime of experience of those around you.   Those moments such as when the sunlight has…

26 March, 2018

Random Friendship

I had just left circus class and I was walking out of Yachay’s cultural center. To my left I noticed a guy around my age carrying something that looked 3D printed. I get really excited about new ideas and technology so, without thinking, I blurted out “Is that 3D printed?” (in Spanish of course). I…

09 November, 2017

Cada Dia Es Loco!(At My Internship)

On day one of my internship I found out I would be teaching not at one school but four. I start my day at 8:20 in the morning at the millennial school in Urcuqui. This complex consists of two schools about a block apart. Looking at my daily schedule, I Inevitably guess incorrectly which of…

14 October, 2017

Awkward Silences, Beautiful Scenery, and Just Diving In

On Sunday my family and I journeyed to a cousin’s house about an hour and a half away. On the ride I learned dozens of games in Spanish from my two host sisters. I was so focused on the games that I hardly noticed the rapid changes in the flora around me. Mountains went from…

25 September, 2017

Embarking On A Journey

This is something extraordinary that I get to do. I have the opportunity to step back this next year and really take a look at the world before I jump in the following year in college. I am so thankful to all the people that have allowed me to take this journey. My parent, friends,…

03 August, 2017

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Atticus Maloney