Ariel Vardy

Ariel Vardy is creative, and thoughtful; passionate for expression, and endurance experiences. When he puts his mind to something, he works towards it diligently, and achieves it with purpose. In the arts, he and his band produced and sold a full-length album of their own music produced by themselves. At school, he was part of the administration of three clubs, most notable being in the Gay Straight Alliance, with which he held a leadership position for three years. He passionately feels that all people should be treated with the same respect, no matter their background, values, or orientation.


The Crazy Things People Do for Money

Climbing up to a far and thin branch in a big tree, holding tight, they shift their weight to reach their hands into a hole in the tree, surrounded by hundreds of bees, trying to get honey. Grabbing a big gun, a small sack of water, and walking into…

02 May, 2013


Me? I’m nothing remarkable. Are you going to thank me for “roughing it” out in the “middle of nowhere”? No need. Are you going to wonder whether I almost died of hunger, or disease? Please don’t. Are you going to get your mind blown about…

23 April, 2013

The Reality of Giving

“White person— give me money, give me presents,” the kids say in French. Shameless, they repeat themselves in case I did not hear them scream from across the court yard that they wanted my money. Then they grow up. “Give me your bike, I don’t…

12 March, 2013

Waking Up Again

Maybe it’s a sleeping kick from her sister, lying in the same small bed that wakes her up. Whatever it is, maybe a knock on the door from her mom, She wakes up at about Seven a clock. Having no blanket, her consciousness comes with…

13 February, 2013

Waking Up

The same boy comes every morning. He sways in drunken tired, holding a thick piece of bark. He mutters the normal greetings, and then holds out the bark, showing his charming kid smile, three teeth missing in the front of his mouth— stained dust or…

29 November, 2012

Chalil’s Prayer

He pushes us through crowded streets, past shouting vendors, ducking through soccer games, and across streets that have a constant flow of traffic. Unmaintained through traffic light, I follow him into the middle of the road, and absorb the moment—a bus almost hits me as…

26 November, 2012

A Lesson In Culture

Like America’s dedication and creed towards freedom, is Senegal’s declaration of Hospitality. Americans appriciate choice and individualism, and thus their citizens like to “mind their own business”. Senegal’s Hospitality is the opposite. So proud are they to host their country, village, neighborhood, and houses, that…

04 October, 2012

Time Capsule

This may not be so interesting right NOW, but It will be interesting later. I am creating a time capsule where I am locking up an opinion of all these “Genres” such as Medication, food ect, and I am writing my thoughts on them NOW….

22 August, 2012

Gap Year College

I signed up for college, right when I was told I was supposed to.  Going to college was sort of a given for the school in my demographic.  The question was not “what are you doing next year?”, but rather “what college are you going…

10 July, 2012

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Ariel Vardy