Anupama Sanjith

Anupama Sanjith is passionate about education, travel and dance . She is interested in providing quality education for all, empowering those whom are not and promoting self love. Her goals for the year are becoming fluent in Portuguese, making life long connections in Brazil and further spread her message of self love and empowerment. Love inspires me.


The beach

I like the beach I like sandy beaches, stony ones….. I like the one in front of my house in Brazil…. I like beaches that don’t face the open sea but something called a “mar fechado” which means closed sea in Portuguese. I like how cold the water is sometimes but also how pleasant that…

17 March, 2020

Some things I would like to remember

I had heard about this time from many people …… “Lupi, you will have a lot of free time during this gap year. You must put it to good use.”  But no one can really prepare you for what all these people meant.  After the initial excitement of being in this new environment, I experienced…

07 February, 2020

The Power of Friendships

The picture above is one that my best friend Bia (from the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo) and I took during the Brazilian Carnival celebrations at UWC Dilijan. Our friendship began during our school’s induction and it has continued to grow ever since. Being best friends with a Brazilian has a lot of perks- abrupt…

19 August, 2019

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Anupama Sanjith