Anne Cohen

Annie Cohen is passionate about global health, women's rights, education and the outdoors. She is involved in creating a committee to implement consent education at her high school, she was a writer for her school's newspaper and studied education during a month-long trip to Senegal last summer. This year, she is excited to return to Senegal and her goals for the year are to become fluent in French and either Wolof or Pulaar and to create a lasting relationship with her homestay family. Her favorite quote: "And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." ~ Paulo Coelho


My Sketchbook’s Bridge Year

    My first drawing in my first sketchbook. My seat on the airplane from SEA to SFO! A sketch from PDT. During sessions, I would switch between sketching the presenters and taking notes. This sketch turned out to be a combination of multiple speakers in one day because I ran out of time. “Made…

18 May, 2017

Thursday nights

 Oceans of grass fill the sandy valley, rippling and bobbing in the evening breeze. The call to prayer echoes throughout the hills, coming and going in waves. There is a smattering of grey-brown houses and half built structures speckled throughout the sand. There is one grey-brown house situated in the bottom of the valley. There…

21 April, 2017

The Random Good Stuff

I’ve been keeping a list in my journal of some of the random good stuff that I have experienced here in Senegal. Each of these moments gave me an indescribable feeling, when I need it most. The list altogether serves as a reminder of my intentions this year and why I am here. 1  A…

27 February, 2017

A struggling feminist in Senegal

Week 10   My family won’t let me go out by myself past seven, because c’est ne pas sur. Even walking home around noon from the high school where I teach English, I can almost always guarantee that I will be followed by at least one boy or man, asking for my phone number, my…

03 December, 2016

A very happy birthday

My phone alarm was set for 6:45 AM. After ignoring the incessant ringing for a few minutes, I dragged myself out of bed and put on my running clothes. I struggled to lock my door and eventually left without locking it. I was late to meet my friend Niles – we were going for a…

09 September, 2016

where I need to be

These first few days have been a continuous reminder that although I might not want to be here all of the time, this is exactly where I need to be. With each passing session and conversation, I feel more and more strongly that this is where I should be. And that I am on the…

25 August, 2016

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Anne Cohen