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Anh Tu Lu

Anh-Tu is passionate about bringing people from various cultures together to learn and appreciate each other's differences. He is serving on board of several different non-profit organizations to give back to his community such as teaching local high school students about financial literacy or fundraising for awareness campaigns. His goals for the year are to become fluent in French and learn how to play different instruments available in Senegal!


A Chinois in Kedougou

March 4, 2017

 Living in Senegal, nothing bugs me more than the word chinois. As I walk across Kédougou City on my way to work, the horror starts when I cross the elementary school’s territory. There would always be large groups of kids running around, playing ‘Spot the Chinois.’ Rather than stopping to greet them, I instinctively speed-walked through the playground,...

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Look at all those children

January 17, 2017

Before coming to Senegal, I never liked being with kids. People have always told me that I’m good with them, but I still didn’t enjoy spending time around those evil little creatures. Going into my host family, however, I was faced with what I thought was my worst nightmare: 18 kids running around and screaming....

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Teaching English is Hard

November 8, 2016

When the teacher walked in through the front door, the students in a second level high school English class all stood up, all reciting, “Good morning, sir.” As an observing student-teacher, I, too, do the same. This particular action has reminded me of my elementary education in Vietnam, among many other cultural similarities that are...

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The Right Decision

August 19, 2016

As I sit in the airport at 5 AM and await for my flight to San Francisco for pre-departure training, I still don’t know how to feel. My mom often told me that it’s okay to cry, and I have done so in the past couple of days, but right now it’s just a jumbled...

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