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Andromeda Yahoudy-Macner


Cockroach Apocalypse

February 3, 2020

So, this was an event. It consumed an entire day and resulted and a small discount on the Airbnb. It all started with a trip to Rio with three other fellows. It was Grace, Michele, and Graham- for future reference. We all booked this Airbnb that had glowing reviews. I’m talking like 2 paragraphs of...

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Eu Não Entendo

January 14, 2020

In my high school language was not prioritized. People could take a simple three years of either Spanish or French and then they’d fulfill that requirement to graduate. I took four and a half years of French, but alas I came out with having no ability to converse with anyone in French. Part of that...

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Family Outings

December 26, 2019

So, I’m not sure how other countries are when it comes to going out with their families, but this is what my experience in Brazil has been so far.  When your family tells you that you are going out or you going on a trip with them they usually give you some general details. They...

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Finding My Home

December 15, 2019

Recently we got our “halfway there” surveys and I realized that I had blogs to write. Now I only have to do a couple, but nevertheless I know I can’t put them off forever.  Well let’s see. I’ve been just sorta living it up with the beaches and surfing. I’m no doubt the worst in...

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Just Another Blog

August 31, 2019

8/27/19 I’m by no means the most creative or fantastic writer as you will see, but I do spend a good majority of my time reflecting through my writing. I often write when I’m sad or anxious and have no other means of coping with those feelings.  Now, for Brazil, the real topic of conversation....

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