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Alyssa Shteyn

Alyssa is passionate about economic and social equality. She is involved in mock trial and her school's volunteering club. She enjoys trying new foods and talking to interesting people! Her goals for the year are to gain familiarity with Eastern thought and philosophy and build meaningful relationships with members of her local community.


At Home Rituals and Practices

June 2, 2019

While in India, I lived with a spiritual counselor for the Hare Krishna community. My host mom maintained a high senior status within the Pune ISKCON temple, as she was one of the first devotees in the city and helped erect the first Hare Krishna temple in Pune. She is well known throughout Pune and...

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India Photo Blog

May 30, 2019

Roti, sabji, daal, chawal, papad, yogurt. A cultural fusion that I am most certainly here for Vrinda-devi, the goddess of Vrindavan, was carved from the same marble as the deities at the main ISKCON temple in Pune. She was gifted to my host mother to be cared for because the temple already had several deities....

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MG Road, One Last Time

May 30, 2019

MG road was one of the first places we visited as a cohort during our first week in India. It took me a long time to realize my host family’s proximity to MG road, but when I did, I came back often. And I returned today, which will most likely be the last time I...

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Updates from Bad Luck Garden

March 7, 2019

I’m sitting outside watching my favorite neighborhood kid play with his toy. He’s three years old and throwing things. He always throws his toys at the watchmen and smiling passerbys. He climbs up the parking garages of neighboring buildings and throws plastic cricket bats onto the street. No one stops him, this neighborhood is his...

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The Queen of Throwing Myself into Situations in Which I Do Not Belong

September 4, 2018

I’m on the plane from St. Louis to Oakland. My mom is asleep with a Kindle in her lap, the matte screen still displaying a romance novel. I challenge myself to read the Russian words on the screen, and curse myself every time my steady reading pace slows. I swear to myself I won't forget...

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