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2 de abril de 2017 Amanhã de manhã, deixo minha família, minha casa ea comunidade que me acolheu. Como eu fiz isto até aqui? Lembro-me de estar com tanto medo de estar longe da minha família, pensando que eu nunca poderia crescer para amar outro,…

02 April, 2017

This IS my year

I can honestly say that I am genuinely happy with myself and where I am in life. A year ago, I wasn’t in a great place. I craved love so deeply that I ended up wounding myself. Settling for anything and everything and making reckless…

10 March, 2017

Give Some, Get Some

19 February 2017.   Today marks exactly six months since the beginning of pre-departure training. It’s crazy, and I honestly cannot comprehend how fast time has passed by. I remember the dreaded feeling in my tummy on this exact day as my friends all gathered…

23 February, 2017


Back in the states, it was never really a day by day interaction that I faced with people of different cultures.Yet, at the same time it was.  Although the United States is very diverse, I never really realized how normal it was. In fact, everyone…

24 January, 2017

This and That

Writing has become increasingly difficult the longer that I find myself living here. It’s not to say that there aren’t wonderful times to talk about or even struggles that occur that I could write pages about. Sometimes it’s just the lack of words to fill…

18 January, 2017

It happens, I promise

I came into Brazil with a ton of expectations that I didn’t even know I had. I had this image that my life was suddenly just magically going to change for the better. And i’m not going to lie, it has in some ways. While…

11 January, 2017

Confusing emotions

I’m stuck between the feeling of mourning and the wanting to jump up and down with joy. It’s been a week since my host grandmother passed away and at the time it was all happening, my Brasil cohort was preparing to leave for TS1 in…

27 November, 2016

Minha Avó

I've never been good with receiving news. I’ve never understood what the correct way to react is. So imagine my luck when I walk into my living room on my way downstairs to the garage when suddenly my host dad says, “A mãe de Maria…

19 November, 2016

Amar sem palavras

I have a super cool 8 year old host brother by the name: Ignacio. Ignacio has big, bright, blue eyes and really long eyelashes. No lie, the longest lashes I have ever seen in my life. But Ignacio is a little special, because he isn’t…

22 October, 2016

1st World Problems; 3rd World Blessings in Disguise

It’s not often that you’ll find yourself at home without electricity, and yet when it does, it seems as though our world is falling apart. Why is that? See, I decided to take a bridge year in the country of Brazil. Not knowing anything and…

18 October, 2016

Consider the following

5 things you are never told when considering a bridge year: It will never feel 100% right The truth is… no matter how many times you tell yourself that you made the right decision. No matter how many times you feel content and satisfied, there…

25 September, 2016


The thing about life is that it somehow always plays out just the way its meant to. And its crazy to think about how little actions line up to big moments in our lives that shape us. For me, deciding to leave my home and…

18 September, 2016

ICO is coming to an end

It's 9:24 PM and tomorrow morning as I head out for language class at PUCPR my host father Ale will be heading out to go fishing for the week. And I sit here on my seven year old host sister Carolina's bed and am contemplating…

12 September, 2016

I lied, maybe just a little

It's like… I want to go home, but I also don't. Honestly, I don't even think that that makes any sense, and I'm not saying that I'm homesick… At least I don't think that I am because every day feels great. Yes, there are moments…

10 September, 2016

Rising above

August 25, 2016 10:15PM The same way an infant struggles at grasping the concept of life and survival, coming into pre departure training, I too struggled to understand why I was committed to Global Citizen Year. When applying the moment the application had become accessible,…

26 August, 2016

Letter to my friends

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 5:20 P.M. We’ve come a long way. Whether we’ve known each other for a couple months or years. Through all of our ups and downs you have stuck by me. You have watched me grow and change as I have watched…

17 August, 2016


Sunday, August 8, 2016 12:30 A.M. I’ll always be terrified, but sometimes being scared can be the best feeling we can ever experience. That is why I can officially say that I am ready for Brazil. After spending a weekend surrounded by my dad’s side…

08 August, 2016


Wednesday, August 3, 2016 4p.m. What can I say? I guess I’m not really excited to be embarking on this journey the same way that everyone else seems to be. I don’t see what’s so exciting about the entire process. Having to get to know…

03 August, 2016

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