Allie McKinney

Allie is passionate about traveling and working with children. She is involved involved in her church's youth group, music, and tutoring elementary students at a nearby elementary school. Her goals for the year are to challenge herself, learn a new language, and make life-long friends.


Let it Go

I’ve never been a confident person. Insecurity has plagued my life ever since the dreaded onslaught of puberty. Whenever the opportunity for an awkward situation arises, my first instinct has always been to eject myself from said situation and hide until it is over. This…

11 April, 2014

In the Land of Women

I’ve always been captivated by stories of the green tomato South. The ones where white babies are raised by loving, cheeky black nannies. And even though they face great oppression, everyone sits around laughing and eating banana pudding. Who wouldn’t want that? I think what really draws me in to…

20 February, 2014

Simply Being

Last week I met a 21 year old Senegalese guy named Aziz. Aziz is studying English at the University of Dakar and wanted to practice with a native English speaker, so my Aunt Bebe introduced us. I was immediately impressed with his fluency; Aziz kept up with my pace,…

13 December, 2013

Musings of a Toubab

It’s been an interesting month so far in Senegal, and while I am excited to share some thoughts and feelings with y’all, I find myself struggling to articulate just how this experience has affected me. So instead of a traditional blog post, I thought I…

02 October, 2013

To New Beginnings

About this time a year ago I was starting the college search process. I knew exactly what I wanted to major in, that I wanted to attend a medium-to-small school, I wanted to stay in the South, and, call me vain, I had to live…

10 July, 2013

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Allie McKinney