Aliya Habib

Aliya Habib is passionate about public health. She is involved in alleviating the water crisis, eradicating polio, and supporting education. Her goals during this bridge year are to utilize her passions within her community and relay her newfound knowledge in American Health Care. An inspirational quote she would like to share is: "Don't let school interfere with your education". ~ Mark Twain


Untaken Photographs

åÊ åÊ Ask me about my experience in Ecuador and I’ll say, “it’s easier to explain with pictures”. Having over 17,000 photographs it’s not hard to find members of my community, my host family, my students, other fellows, or some cool traditions.åÊ How you retell stories is how you will remember them. Sometimes my mind…

18 August, 2015

Teaching : A Tribute to Teachers

Well, finally the desks have turned and I was left standing in front of 22 sugar-filled Ecuadorian 8th graders to teach English. The first day they were quiet, attentive, and took notes. It was tranquil and I eagerly went home and created more lesson plans. By the end of the week my classroom looked like…

10 May, 2015

Virgen del Cisne

November 17th, 2014 If you walk 21.5 kilometers in my shoes, then you shouldprobably also wake up at midnight to take a five-hour car ride south to the province of Loja. At 5:20am we stepped out of our car and started walking past a church and market that was selling food, hats, clothes, shoes, toys,…

03 March, 2015

Festivities of Cuenca

Fridays nights are usually spent in the yogurt room outside the house. Two huge vats await my host mom and other women, ready to turn plain yogurt into delicious concoctions. This Friday night was a little more special because in two days, it would be the Independence Day of Cuenca and we were in full…

21 November, 2014

Shifting Gears

A teacher of mine once had us write down everything that was on our mind. After, she said “How are you supposed to pay attention in my class if you are thinking of so many other things?” That was my senior year. Challenging classes, clubs that needed to be managed, laps that needed to be…

14 November, 2014

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Aliya Habib