Alexandra Moreno

Alexandra Moreno is passionate about social justice and equity. She is involved in multiple cultural groups, youth activism, and leveling the education inequality across Chicago. Her goals for the year are to experience and appreciate Ecuadorian Culture while also pushing herself out of her comfort zone to experience the larger world around her. Her favorite quote is by one of her role models, Chance the Rapper: "depending on the story that you're telling, you can be relatable to everybody or nobody. I try and tell everybody's story."


The End

  This post will be the last post to my blog for the year. I want to begin by thanking all of you who have read my blogs, commented, sent me messages of encouragement throughout my year, or simply subscribed because I asked you to at the beginning of August. Thank you for your support,…

03 June, 2018

3110 kilometers

  The month of February is 28 days, making it the shortest month of the year. It would be fitting thar during this month I see the most of Ecuador in the least amount of time. I started the month off in Vilcabamba in the Loja province for Training Seminar 2. Vilcabamba is known for…

02 March, 2018

No Fear Gap Year

December 28th was my nineteenth birthday. I didn’t exactly know how to feel about my birthday because it was three days after my first Christmas away from home and a really bad wave of homesickness. But if there was one thing I have learned from this year, fellow fellows will always surprise you in the…

07 January, 2018


I also made this video for closing seminar. This is what my job consisted of before we got electricity.  Enjoy

10 November, 2017

Family Matters

I made this video a while back for closing seminar. I didn’t really see the value in sharing it back then but the more I think about it, it can’t hurt to show you a little preview of what my life looks like. Enjoy [vc_video link=’′]

10 November, 2017

Jingle Bells

Yesterday, 93.9 WLIT-FM, also known as 93.9 My FM Chicago, started playing Christmas music. I learned this after watching my brother’s Snapchat story, which featured the caption “They’re playing Christmas music already???” I fumbled around on my cheap Nokia EcuaPhone FM settings to get 93.9 but when I got there, all I heard static. In…

10 November, 2017


Sorbitol, less commonly known as glucitol, is a sugar alcohol with a sweet taste which the human body metabolizes slowly. On average, the human body can digest anywhere from 1mg to 5mg of sorbitol a day. Any more than that can cause bloating, gas, and diarrhea. Yesterday around 8pm, my host family asked me if…

04 November, 2017


This past few days have been a little rough. I decided to make a list of a bunch of things that annoyed me or inconvenienced me in some way as a way to try to shake off these bad vibes: Was told I was getting a ride home, didn’t get the ride home After being…

17 October, 2017

Too Much Sauce

So on Friday night, I came home from a Southern Hub reunion at our Spanish placement exam geeked. I didn’t realize how much I missed everyone and I think it recharged my soul (as cheesy as that sounds). I was very happy coming home on the bus with my neighbor, Shukura- while at one point…

25 September, 2017


So Sunday is the only day of the week the restaurant is closed and my host family has a day off. Saturday night, they asked me if I wanted to go to church with them and I said yeah because I felt like if I ever needed to refocus my spiritually, seven months in Ecuador…

25 September, 2017


So I have like a week of information to stuff into one blog post. It might seem sporadic and all over the place but it’s important to me and you’re choosing to keep up with me so it’s about to be important to you. I’m going to start off with immediately after my speak up….

25 September, 2017

Speak Up

On our last night together in Quito, September 15th, we had a final dinner and group time. During the group time following dinner, I gave this speak up (which is basically like a speech) to the entire group. I’m posting it on my blog as a reminder of what has been going on and because…

25 September, 2017


On Wednesday around 1AM we made it out of customs and into Ecuador. I was very happy to be out of Berkeley and finally in country. We spent four nights together at this spiritual retreat, two to a room. Each room had a bathroom, hot water available from 7AM to 8AM and like almost every other…

12 September, 2017

at home home sickness

So this past week and a half has been too jammed pack. On August 27th, I landed in San Francisco and found myself instantly thrown into a group of over 100 strangers- the only exception being a person I met at a college fly out where neither of us really knew each other but we…

04 September, 2017

Blog Post

One of the biggest perks of living in Chicago is access to some of the best music. This summer, alone, brought Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Joey Purp, Solange, Danny Brown, Big Sean, Justice, blink-182, The Killers, and other insane acts to music fests all over the city. Chance the Rapper hosted a free…

25 August, 2017

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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