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Alexander Taylor

Alexander Taylor is passionate about social entrepreneurship. He is the founder of Artem NexGen, an organization that provides a dynamic network for youth leaders with various opportunities. His program is developing a social networking app and AI program for his members to provide easy mobile access to our opportunities and services. Alexander has also submitted a multilateral proposal addressing alterations and reforms related to the structure of the United Nation, making him the youngest competitor in the Global Challenge Foundation: New Shape Prize, the premiere competition for system theorist regarding international policy. Alexander's goals are to become more aware about foreign socio-economic conditions and self-development. Service towards community advancement is what inspires him. He is looking forward to walking the path of a Global Citizen.


Returning Home

May 6, 2019

[image: Senegalese Outfit.jpg] Note: Keep in mind I can only speak from my own experience. However, I would like to make a blog post that would really challenge the “single story” that has perpetuated when describing Senegal and the continent it resides in. Before embarking on my journey, the founder of Global Citizen Year, Abby...

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From the Depths of Darou Khoudoss

April 26, 2019

*Reviewing a piece I wrote during my first two months in Senegal:* It is barely sunrise on a Sunday, but I still get up to confirm my suspicion. I leave my room and enter the rugged sandy paths of Darou Khoudass, passing by the goats, pigs, and chickens, some of which are still asleep. I...

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Chess: A Wolof Epic Tale

April 11, 2019

When I was four years old, I remember watching my parents play chess in the evenings. They would prop me on a chair next to the table with some toys, but I would be watching them play. Watching them deliberately move their pieces, capture pieces, and eventually yell, “Check” or “Checkmate.” I remember my mom...

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On Tambacouda Lake

March 8, 2019

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living...

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Alexander Taylor’s Blog-Senegal

January 17, 2019

> > > In Wolof, one of the languages I’ve learned while in Senegal, there is a word, ‘Teranga’, that means hospitality. Hospitality, not just in the sense of welcoming, but in welcoming so graciously that one feels at home. The Terenga of my host family in Senegal and of my community has made me...

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Alexander Taylor Blog post #1

August 25, 2018

Na nga def (Greetings)! I am getting ready to go on the trip of a lifetime. I first want to thank all of my supporters for providing me with this opportunity! Your help has been truly instrumental!Why is the Opportunity Important to me?1) Personal Growth:Throughout my time in high-school, I was always driven to explore...

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