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Alejandro Sanchez

Alejandro is passionate about the many different aspects involved in learning. Throughout high school, he was involved in various tutoring programs where he helped students ranging from 7th to 12th grades. He also worked at the American Museum of Natural History where he showed visitors the cool side of science. His goals for the year include stretching himself as much as possible, gaining a deeper understanding of Ecuadorean culture, and leaving his mark on his community. He is inspired by others who push themselves to go the extra mile to achieve their goals and by the quote "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.



June 19, 2015

‰ÛÏYou will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. This is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.‰Û – Miriam Adeney As we drove to the airport on August 20th, the only thought that raced through my...

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The Swing

May 26, 2015

I remember the first time I mustered up enough courage to ask out my Ecuadorian crush – let’s call her Ashley. It was funny because she was actually dying to take me to Turi, which is this cute little tourist spot that has this giant swing that overlooks the entire city of Cuenca. As you...

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Candy, The Foreigner in Raas

May 26, 2015

Out of all my friends in Ecuador, I noticed that the one I connected with the most was Candy, and no, I don’t mean the Hershey’s or Twizzlers kind – her name was Candy. Candy simply understood me and was always ecstatic to see me, and vice-versa. We had so much in common that it...

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How Do Rainbows Form?

May 17, 2015

They say rainbows are the beacons of hope for when things get gray and dull; that no matter how hard it rains, you always have the beauty of a rainbow to look forward to in the end. A wise man once said, The sun comes out eventually. You just have to put up with a...

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It’s Complicated

January 26, 2015

Why doesn’t anybody here speak Kichwa?” I wondered when I arrived to Ra̱as

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The German Immersion Within My Ecuadorian Immersion

October 21, 2014

How does a German who has never been to the United States and an American who has never been to Germany become good friends? There he was, standing in the corner of the lunch room drinking coffee while waiting for Spanish classes to resume. As I went to serve myself some tea, I heard him...

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