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Alana Mockler

Alana is passionate about politics (domestic and international), environmental sustainability, and social justice. In the last few years she has been involved in rowing, Spanish club and volunteer work ranging from providing teaching assistance at summer schools for immigrant children in California, to working and learning in a nature reserve in Nicaragua. Alana found that while she preferred the outdoors to the classroom, both experiences were wonderful learning opportunities; the latter perhaps even more than the former. Above all else, Alana strives to keep an open mind and stay curious.During her bridge year, one of Alana's goals is to ignore her hesitancies and inhibitions (within reason) and take full advantage of as many opportunities as possible. Alana hopes to make a positive impact on the community where she lives, and with all the people that she meets during her bridge year. There are a lot of great Harry Potter and other literary quotes that she loves, but the quote that she chose to distinguish here comes from one of her greatest mentors- her rowing coach, Tricia. The quote is, "Event + Response = Outcome." It's really more of a mantra, and may sound kind of silly, but it reminds Alana that regardless of the situation, whatever happens, she has control over her life; her reaction will affect the outcome, good or bad.