Aissatou Tagaty Badio

Tagaty is passionate about music, fashion, history, philosophy, writing, food, and movies. She is involved in human rights activism, gender equity, sustainable education and many more volunteering work. While attending UWC Changshu China, she developed a passion for social justice, international development and politics. She doesn't have a specific career path, but instead has goals she wishes to achieve in life, such as tackling toxic masculinity and climate change awareness in African countries. Her goals for the year are to fully grasp the Senegalese culture, learn new stories about its people, and get involved with the community in an impactful way. "Can't blend in when you're born to stand out" - Unknown


The art of not doing anything

October 2018 “Take this upstairs and I’ll join you in a few” say my mother as I was standing in the middle of the corridor, freshly awoken and slightly confused. In my head, I tell myself: “Wait, there is an upstairs?” She then points the…

23 November, 2018

Thrown under a bus

September 2018 Every time I hop on a moving vehicle, I get sick. That is quite ironic, because I love care rides, with either the radio blasting or music plugged into my ear while staring at the landscape. This time, during the family drop-off procedure,…

23 November, 2018

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my Global Citizen Year blog! Subscribe and follow along on on my adventures during my gap year abroad.

18 October, 2018

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Aissatou Tagaty Badio