Aisha Kothari

Aisha is passionate about working with children with special needs. She is involved in trying to make children with special needs feel more included, and, in learning from them. She enjoys learning about the commonalities between different cultures. Through the year she hopes to get a better understanding of the traditions and day-to-day lives of Brazilians. Her goals are to get a better sense of who she is when being in a completely new environment, to create unique relationships, and to have new stories to tell. My favorite quote is, “It’s not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts” by Mother Theresa.


Every little thing can make your day

Attachment available until Dec 8, 2019 Every little thing can make your day  The smiles  The boy who every time I see him makes a heart with his hands The hugs The smiles! (I know I already said that:)  The laughs  The kisses on your hand  The waves with the smiles!!  The “beleza” greeting hand…

08 November, 2019

Just the beginning

For the last few months every time someone would say, “how do you feel about going to Brazil?” my answer, with a big smile, would be “I’m sooo excited!”. Only on the night of August 24th did my answer and feeling inside my stomach change. This was the night before it all started. This was…

29 August, 2019

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Aisha Kothari