Agustina Romero

Agustina is passionate about dancing and learning new languages. She attended UWC Adriatic, a school that works for peace and a sustainable future, in which she learnt from the little differences of everyday life and how cultural background is not a determining factor on who we are but people from different places can be more similar than what one may think. In the following year she hopes to keep learning from the little things by being involved in the community and she also hopes this experience will give her the time to understand what she wants for her future.


New School

In my first poem I wrote,about a new life beginning,but not changes I could note. It's been 8 monthssince thenso let me now tell youhow life has been. India life was colourfulbut at times really dark.It wasn't always Bollywood,some things left a mark.  The chapati was goodand so were the dosasbut I also discoveredI didn't like…

02 June, 2017


Open my bag; find things I never unpacked.  I'm ready to leave. Among the many learnings, one was the importance of family and support system. My family and my support system. I'm ready for them.  I look at my wardrobe, my bed, the floor. There are clothes, gifts, masala, everywhere. I look at my bag…

11 April, 2017

You Should Support Empowering Years For A Reason You Didn’t Know (English & Español)

  Why did you take a gap year? Why wouldn’t I if I could?   I get asked this question so many times because many believe “education” equals sitting down in a classroom for 12, 16, 19 years, and that that’s only how you can gain important skills, making gap years a lazy thing for…

16 March, 2017

Not only Bollywood

I've been wanting to write about the hard things, because it's rarely done. I've been wanting to write about the anger that invades me every time I see the Marathi teacher hitting the students, my students, or how whenever we have lunch man sit while women cook. Yes, this is the culture, but does that…

14 February, 2017

My Favourite Adventure

It’s definitely true that living in India is an adventure. However, sometimes, it’s not an adventure in the conventional way. Many people see adventures as endless hikes on amazing mountains (checked) or trying how much spice the human body can hold (very little in my case) or getting to know a new language by being…

26 October, 2016

Old School

  You probably expect something about India being cool, but since nothing has yet changed I decided to go old school   Let me explain to some of you why this is not something new: this is what me and Rosalie used to do, but now I’m alone so forgive me if sometimes I don’t…

29 August, 2016

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Agustina Romero