Adam Horowitz

Adam is passionate about art, athletics, and his community. During high school he led the school cooking club, helped teach photography, and, as captain of the squash team, he organized a community service initiative in Harlem housing projects. Adam is also a talented saxophone player.


To Internalize, or Not to Internalize…?

My grandmother’s advice for my time to be spent in Brazilian urban poverty—“don’t internalize suffering, intellectualize it.” Don’t let the sadness I see overcome me, maintain perspective and emerge from my Global Citizen Year with the experience and drive to change what I will but not resentment towards this unfair world. I have sat on…

15 March, 2011

The last of the Palafitas

Check out my video blog from one of the sites of my apprenticeship: As Palafitas

12 January, 2011

O Alemão aprende Manguerissa

Strangers used to point and call me “Alemão” as I passed by their gates in Massaranduba. I was unknown, and so I was “The German”. But not just me—it had nothing to do with skin color. Because, blame it on poverty or fear or failure of public transportation, there are large areas of Massaranduba that…

25 December, 2010

Baixo Petroleo (Below The Oil), Salvador

Exactly one week ago, I was the first of the Brazil fellows to be placed. I´ve been living in Baixo Petroleo, in this vast aggregation of slanted houses with walls of cloth or wood or concrete that look like the tottering results of unsupervised Lego use. Home is a community built on a meter-thick concrete…

16 November, 2010

Religion, Reconciliation and Room to Read

When I told my Brasilian host mother that in two weeks I am going to live in a Salvadorian low-income neighborhood, she threw her shaky hands above her head and belted out “O Meu Deus.”  After she sat silently and nodded through Tony—my program coordinator—detailing the safe haven of community leaders and positive social programming…

26 October, 2010

Where I’m At

Adam Horowitz I go off into the world bursting with the potential to personally undergo and affect change. That’s what people say. I was unsure of a lot this past year, specifically whether to go to college.  However, these past eleven days have done a lot to renew my faith in my chosen peers and…

30 September, 2010


I was born in Greenwich Village, and I’ve lived in downtown Manhattan my whole life. As a personal introduction, I am a photographer, squash player, proud city kid, nature lover, and avid World Wrestling Entertainment drama viewer. Back home, my older brother and sister are both currently in college. As a high school student, I…

21 September, 2010

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Adam Horowitz