Abby Lindsay

"Abby is most proud of her leadership roles as captain of the rowing team and swim team, to which she dedicates twenty hours each week. She was elected to be an Officer of the Best Buddies club at her school, working to help organize club events and fundraisers. Throughout her life, Abby has traveled extensively around the world, even living in Santiago, Chile for a year. She enjoys giving her time to those in need, and her chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are to die for.


How I Spend my Days

I have received a few request to describe what my days look like here, so in honor of that, here ya go!! It is a little bit hard to describe an “average day” because those don’t really exist… I have two jobs, so depending on…

04 January, 2013

Taking a Leap of Faith

I find myself thinking a lot about Abby Falik’s metaphor of the monkeybars at this moment in time: I started at home where both my hands were firmly planted and comfortable, swung over to San Francisco, had a moment of panic in a mid-air suspension…

31 October, 2012

Teaching English, sharing, and other things that have been harder than I thought they would be…

As part of our Spanish classes in Quito, we have been going to a high school in the northern part of the city to teach English. My group was assigned to work with the 8th graders (11-12 year olds, so what would be 5th/6th grade…

04 October, 2012

Re-kindling My Love of Learning

Hi, my name is Abby Lindsay, I’m from Cambridge, Massachusetts, and I am so incredibly excited to be on my way to Ecuador next year with Global Citizen Year! I think that the opportunity to take a year off after high school, before starting college,…

16 July, 2012

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Abby Lindsay