Media Apprenticeships in Senegal

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Karina Lisboa in Senegal

For students with a passion for storytelling, technology, or journalism there are a variety of awesome media apprenticeships in Senegal. Past Fellows have worked at (and in some cases founded!) community-based English radio shows, a multilingual student newspaper, and a community-based English TV show.

Talia, Shannon, and Shannon founded a radio show to increase accessibility to English listening material.

"This project serves to motivate and inspire students to learn and improve their English. We aim to include as many local high schools’ and institutes’ English clubs to participate as possible, allowing the students to be hosts the show."

Salome helped continue producing the radio show that Fellows started the year before.

"In this show, we are able to discuss different topics such as religion, culture, politics, education, etc with the lenses of Senegalese guests that want to improve their English and are interested in the topic of each week."

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