Health Apprenticeships in Senegal

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health in senegal

For students passionate about health or considering a career in medicine, apprenticing at a local health post in Senegal can provide valuable first hand experience. Past Fellows have assisted at the health posts with patient reception and appointments including (after training) taking the temperature, weight, and blood pressure. Some Fellows have even provided support for vaccination campaigns and maternity wards.

Gus helped at a health post and distributed polio vaccines.

"We vaccinated about 100 children over the course of the morning and early afternoon, and the effort would continue the next day. A team of dedicated medical workers are striving to eradicate curable disease in their cities, towns, and villages."

JD worked at a local health post assisting the nurse there.

"Working at the health post has absolutely changed my life. It was after meeting and working with Anna that I decided that I want to pursue a career in global health and go to medical school."

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Shakhi apprenticed at a maternity health clinic.

"On October 10th, it was the first time I witnessed childbirth. This was one of my most nerve-wracking and exciting experinces of my entire life; one that I will never forget!"

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