Education Apprenticeships in Senegal

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education in Senegal

Education apprenticeships provide a meaningful opportunity to connect with your community and make an impact. Past Fellows have apprenticed at schools ranging from elementary to high school. As assistant teachers, Fellows help with lesson planning, grading, teaching and often leading English club activities.

Janet taught elementary art classes and co-taught middle school English.

"Every class students improve and grow; every class the students try, they may be shy to start or show their work but they never stop before they begin by saying “I can’t”."

Khadim helped teach at the high school and taught handicrafts at a center for students with disabilities.

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Peter was an assistant English teacher at the local high school.

Alexander leveraged his network with schools to teach chess to people in his community.

"I try to connect the chess pieces to the epics of Senegal, their stories, their folklore, and their world. In order for this game to come to life and be engaging, I must first immerse myself in their perspective and history."

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