Agriculture Apprenticeships in Senegal

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Nicholas farming in Senegal

Agriculture is an important part of daily life in many of our Senegal host communities and working on these farms and gardens offers an opportunity to connect, learn by doing, and make a meaningful contribution. Experience the full farm cycle -- from planting to harvest and everything in between.

Keaton harvested a variety of crops and helped start a community wide garden.

"Full of laughter, of joking, of marriage proposals and of practical jokes, the daily sunset walk to the garden has become one of my favorite times of day. Actually having the vegetables was the main goal, but maintaining the garden has done nothing but enhanced my days to the very core."

Anh-Tu worked with an NGO that helps local farmers create forest gardens.

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Nicholas worked at a large community garden.

Allie started a community garden with her host mom to fight malnutrition.

"When asked what the biggest problem in Mako was, my host mom immediately said malnutrition in children and that she wanted to create a community garden for the women in Mako."

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