Education Apprenticeships in Ecuador

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Erica Lin teaching in Ecuador

Working in education is a fantastic way to make an impact and to quickly form many connections in your community. Past Fellows have helped in a variety of educational settings ranging from pre-school to high school, and including schools with a focus on special needs, indigenous culture, or agriculture. There's a high demand for English co-teachers, and also opportunities to get involved in other subjects like art, music, PE, and extracurriculars like gardening, cultural events, and sports.

Merle co-taught high school English classes and also helped co-teach at the pre-school.

Bihotza apprenticed at an indigenous school where she co-taught classes all the way from first grade to high school.

"When I teach elementary school, I love to stand outside of the classroom and watch as the students scramble in, each one reaching out their hand to shake mine or embracing me with little hugs, reaching over each other’s heads to grab my legs."

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Abi helped teach English to students of all ages at a bilingual Spanish/Kichwa school.

"Teaching is completely different than most other work. You work with people. Make connections, friendships. Build trust. English is definitely a need here and it does feel really nice to fill a need."

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