Agriculture Apprenticeships in Ecuador

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Erica Lin agriculture apprenticeship Ecuador

Get your hands dirty with an agricultural apprenticeship in Ecuador! Agriculture plays a critical role in Ecuador's economy and many people's daily life. Past Fellows have apprenticed at NGOs teaching sustainable farming practices, at agricultural schools, and at indigenous farm cooperatives. Get outside, stay active, connect with your community, and learn about this important part of Ecuador's culture and economy.

Skyler farmed alongside his indigenous community on their agricultural farm co-op.

"I learned a lot of valuable farming skills and got close to other community members as we worked the fields together."

Bennett worked on an organic farm in the mountains of Ecuador.

"When we stopped for break and I sat there, the juice from a sweet slice of watermelon rolling down my chin, I felt blessed to experience the first “real” hard day of work in my life."

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Russell helped grow potatoes and other crops in his rural community.

"I’ve learned volumes about agriculture, identified it as an opening to address the question of climate change, and made lifelong connections along the way."

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