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Apply to join a select cohort of open-minded and impact-driven young leaders from across the globe.

Our admissions process is designed to identify curious and courageous students who are committed to solving our shared global challenges. Join this changemaking community and together learn from world class speakers, instructors, mentors — and each other.

The Fellowship

The Academy

How to Apply

Fellowship Application Currently Closed

Thanks so much for your interest in our Fellowship program. We are excited to bring back our in-person immersion experience in early 2023. We will open the application in Fall 2022 with only a limited number of spots.

1. Online Application

Apply online in just 1-2 hours. No test scores required! Our selective admissions process is designed to get to know you as a whole person, not a number.

2. Interview

The strongest applicants are invited to interview with a staff member or alum. This is your opportunity to share your story and ask questions about the program.

3. Admissions Decision

Within just 2-3 weeks of your interview, you'll receive the admissions decision.

4. Final Review

(1) Select your country: We'll provide a detailed country guide to help you confidently choose your destination.

(2) Apply for financial aid: We offer both merit and need-based aid. For need-based aid, you'll submit your FAFSA or CSS Profile and fill out a short form about your family’s financial situation.

(3) Complete a medical form: Schedule a visit with your doctor to complete a medical form confirming that your health and well-being can be maintained during 8 months abroad.

Become a Fellow

You're in! After we confirm your country, financial aid award, and medical review status, you'll have 2 weeks to send in a $500 deposit and reserve your spot as an official Global Citizen Year Fellow. Let the adventure begin!


Selection Criteria

Our admissions process is designed to select and bring together the most promising young leaders of the new generation - individuals who will inspire change during their gap year and beyond. Coming from diverse backgrounds across the US and the world, what these young leaders have in common is curiosity, grit, and a drive to make an impact. For all the aspiring changemakers and students hungry to take education into their own hands, this year is for you.

Essential Eligibility Criteria

The Eligibility Criteria outline the requirements for Fellows to be reliable, fully committed, and capable of of working hard to achieve the program goals.

By design, Global Citizen Year is a challenging program. Fellows step out of their comfort zones and push past former limits. The health and the well being of our Fellows and staff are of the highest priority at Global Citizen Year.

It is important to recognize that there is, and always will be, a certain degree of risk in the very nature of a Global Citizen Year. Because Fellows live, work, and travel in environments that can be remote, dynamic, and physically or emotionally challenging, we expect Fellows to work with us to maintain good health and well-being. For more details, please see the General Terms & Conditions, the Policy Handbook, or contact us at


Room & board with a vetted and trained host family

Global Citizen Year has cultivated a strong network of outstanding host families abroad. Your tuition includes 8 months room and board (3 meals a day) with one of our trained and vetted host families.

Round-trip international flight

Unlike many gap year programs, Global Citizen Year covers the cost of your round-trip flight from our kick-off training in California to your host country and back.

Medical insurance & evacuation insurance

Global Citizen Year covers your medical and evacuation insurance so that in the unlikely case of an emergency, you will be well taken care of.

On-going leadership training

Tuition includes on-going leadership training throughout your Global Citizen Year.

  • Global Launch: A week-long training at Stanford University featuring world-class speakers from organizations like Kiva, Facebook, and Airbnb.
  • Country Launch: Upon arrival in country, six-weeks of orientation and progressively longer immersions to equip you with the cultural, language, and risk-management skills to deeply and safely immerse.
  • Training Seminars: These 3-4 day trainings punctuate your immersion experience and offer an opportunity to reconnect with the cohort, process, and learn.
  • Re-Entry Training: A week-long training in California bookends your experience and provides a valuable space for reflection, celebration, and connection with the global cohort.

One-on-one coaching and support from our outstanding Team Leaders

Our Team Leaders are trained youth development professionals who live in the host country and support you in engaging with your community and meeting your goals for the year. Team Leaders conduct bi-monthly check-ins and are on-call for support. We maintain an average 10:1 Fellow to Team Leader ratio.

On-going language tutoring

Your tuition includes intensive language training during your first month in country and on-going weekly tutoring sessions for the following 7 months.

In-country transportation to/from trainings

Global Citizen Year covers the transportation costs for Fellows to travel to/from designated locations for trainings in the host country.

SIM card & credit

To ensure Fellows can easily communicate in country, Global Citizen Year provides all Fellows with a SIM card to put in their personal phone, plus emergency phone credit. Based on financial need, Fellows may qualify for a loaner phone.

Tuition does NOT include

  • Transportation between your home and US-based trainings
  • Immunizations
  • Passport & Visa
  • Health insurance while in the US
  • Personal expenses (independent travel, meals out, souvenirs, etc)
  • Early withdrawal or dismissal costs


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1. Submit your Application

You can submit your application through our website! It only takes about an hour to complete and you can save it to come back to continue working on it.

We recommend completing the application on a computer but a smartphone can work as well! Please make sure you are using a strong and stable wifi connection as you will be asked to upload a 2-3 minute video.

2. Receive Admissions Decision

Your admissions decision will be made within five business days of submitting your application. If your application is rejected, unfortunately, that is the end of the application process. If you are accepted you will begin the clearance process! You will gain access to your student portal via email which will have more information on the next steps.

3. Clearance Process

In this stage, you will be required to complete up to three tasks. The purpose of these tasks is to make certain that you are able to successfully complete and engage with the Academy programming. After being accepted, you will have one week to complete your clearance work in the Student Portal.

  • Systems Check: Everyone is required to complete the systems check. This is done to make sure that your computer’s processing speed will be able to handle the course load the Academy requires.
  • Language Assessment: If you noted on your application that you are NOT a fluent or native English speaker, you will be asked to complete a short Language Assessment that will be linked to your student portal.
  • Financial Aid Application: If you requested to apply for financial aid on your application then you will find the internal Global Citizen Year financial aid form on your student portal. You will need to submit the financial aid form as well as supporting documents.


To continue on this admissions process you must complete these steps within the 7-day deadline and you must meet the necessary requirements of the Language Assessment and/or Systems Check. Please contact the admissions team about a possible deadline extension or extenuating circumstances.

4. Enrollment

Once you’ve made it to this stage you are only two steps away from officially enrolling in the Academy! Here are the two steps you will need to complete within one week of receiving them:

  • Completing your DocuSign: You will be emailed your tuition/financial aid package through DocuSign. You will need to read through your DocuSign, pay your deposit (if applicable), and sign. After you sign it will be emailed to your parent/guardian to be signed.
  • Registering for your Course Time: You will be able to register for course times through your student portal. You can edit your schedule until August 4th or until a class time is full.

5. Congratulations!

Once you have completed all the stages above you will be officially registered for the Global Citizen Year Academy! If you have outstanding tuition you will need to complete your payment by August 15th. Once registered, you will then begin receiving communications from our Programs team about the Academy leading up to the start of the semester!


Tuition for Global Citizen Year Academy is $5,000 USD. The tuition amount is inclusive of the $500 deposit. Tuition will be invoiced through Quickbooks and can be paid on-line. We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, and Apple Pay)
  • Bank Transfer


See all FAQs