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2020 high school graduates worldwide


Aug 31 - Dec 18, 2020


Sliding Scale from $500 - $7,500

Application Deadlines:

June 30 and July 30, 2020

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On Purpose

Join a cohort of determined and hopeful young leaders from around the world and grow together into changemakers who will help address our shared global challenges.

Global Citizen Academy

Join a global network of young changemakers

Global Citizen Academy is for 2020 high school graduates worldwide who don’t want to sit this year out. For the impatient optimists who are ready to get in the arena, this is your opportunity to level up with a diverse, international cohort of young leaders like you.

Build powerful and practical skills for a lifetime of social impact

Dig into the big questions and develop key skills you can’t learn in a traditional classroom alone. You’ll explore topics from effective communication and systems thinking, to mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and ethical decision-making. The experience is designed together with Minerva, a fellow pioneer in educational transformation. Together we're offering a dynamic curriculum that responds to this historic moment and integrates powerful skill sets and mindsets with a proven approach to leadership training.

  • Know yourself: Develop skills that unlock self-awareness, well-being and a sense of purpose.
  • Understand the world: Analyze local issues and connect them to our global context.
  • Drive impact: Collaborate with peers from around the world to align your values and actions with meaningful impact.

Students have the option of earning 4 college credits for Global Citizen Academy. Accrediation is through Minerva Schools at KGI and requires an additional $300 fee.

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Get inspired by today’s most impactful leaders

Participate in workshops taught by some of today’s most innovative leaders and learn from their insight and expertise. Our growing list of speakers includes:

Dr. Selena Sermeno, Psychologist, Educator & Facilitator

“The world needs models of education where not only experiences but power can be shared. Global Citizen Academy will bring transformational learning to students, not only through content but through the sharing of power.”

Premal Shah, Co-founder

“Global Citizen Academy is so important. We have a chance in this century to address a lot of the problems that began in the last century. It really is up to us. Young people are the future -- and the now -- of social change.”

Wendy Kopp, CEO & Co-Founder, Teach For All

“I’m excited to be part of Global Citizen Academy’s inspiring and important work to foster the leadership of the rising generation who can shape a better future for all of us.”


Connect on the world’s most advanced learning platform

Engage in dynamic courses on Minerva’s cutting-edge Forum learning platform, an immersive virtual environment that allows you to participate fully and establish meaningful relationships with both instructors and peers.

Make an impact with meaningful volunteer experiences

If selected for Global Citizen Academy, plan to dedicate 10-15 hours per week to your courses. By design, this allows room for independent exploration of issues and projects you're passionate about.

We’ll help you take what you’re learning and apply it in the real world with meaningful volunteer opportunities. Global Citizen Academy is partnering with impactful organizations across the U.S. and the world. We’ll help you reflect on the issues that call to you (consider climate change, racial justice, global health, voting, and more), and connect you with opportunities to get involved.

Selective admissions & sliding-scale tuition

A selective admissions process will identify highly motivated students from around the world with a strong commitment to self-reflection, learning, and collaboration.

We are pleased to offer sliding scale tuition for Global Citizen Academy with four tiers ranging from $500 (deposit only) to $7,500 (full tuition). We are committed to making this experience available to the highest potential young leaders we can find, independent of their family’s financial circumstance.

Global Citizen Year x Minerva

Global Citizen Year and Minerva, two pioneers in global education, have teamed up to offer a truly innovative learning experience. Our combined expertise in academic and experiential learning bring leadership training to a new level with the Global Citizen Academy.

Educators - Refer your students!

If you're a teacher share this unique opportunity with your students by referring them to apply for Global Citizen Academy!

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How much does this cost?

We are pleased to offer a sliding scale model for Global Citizen Academy with tuition ranging from $500 (deposit only) to $7,500 (full tuition). We ask that you pay at the highest level of the sliding scale that you can afford. This allows others who need to pay less the opportunity to attend.

Can I receive college credit?

Yes. Students have the option of receiving 4 college credits for the Global Systems & Society course. Accrediation is through Minerva Schools at KGI and requires an additional $300 fee.

What's the time commitment?

Students should plan for an average weekly commitment of 10-15 hours a week. Each week students will engage in:

  • 5 hours on the Active Learning Forum participating in engaging courses with faculty, peers, and cross-sector leaders from across the globe.
  • 10 hours completing pre-work, reflections, and course-related projects, both individually and as a group.

When does the semester start and end?

The inaugural semester will run from August 31 - December 18, 2020.

What's the Forum learning platform like?

Learn more about Minerva’s cutting-edge Forum learning platform here.

How do I apply?

Global Citizen Academy’s online application will open on May 22, 2020. The early admissions deadline is June 30 and the final admissions deadline is July 30. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and you can expect to receive your admissions decision within 2 weeks of applying.