A Day in the Life:

Get a glimpse into how the Academy can enrich your gap year, college, or high school experience.

Hi, I'm Ulviya, but you can call me Ulvi.

I’m from Dhaka, Bangladesh, but for the past two years I lived in a castle by the sea in Wales, also known as UWC Atlantic! Before starting college, I decided to join the Academy because I wanted to challenge my understanding of what education looks like. I was eager to discover the unknown instead of following the timeline I’d initially created for myself. Here’s a look at a day in my life as a gap year student!


Waking up & getting my brain working

As a night owl, I’m usually awake throughout the night. However, on the occasions when my day actually starts in the morning it’s important for me to feel like my brain is active. I like to feel like I’m in control of my life, rather than the other way around! I’ll usually take some time to prep for my day and also to do something relaxing whether it’s painting or watching a youtube video.



As my classes are at night, I use my afternoons to start on pre-work, readings, my media fellowship, and club activities. I’m a member of the bookclub, so I’ll read our book of the month and eat lunch.


Work as a Marketing Assistant & Photographer

I photograph products for my mum’s business and handle the social media accounts. So on certain days of the week, I’ll head over to the shop and work for a few hours. Since my parents are usually at the shop the whole day, this allows me to spend some quality time with them too, so that’s always lovely.


Rest & Create Art

By the time 6:00pm comes around, I’ll usually take a small nap to reenergize myself. However, on the days I’m not as tired, I’ll use the time to dive into my creative side, making artwork that spotlights Academy students or for my art account on Instagram (@ulviyart_). Sometimes I’ll also take the opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery outside my window and appreciate a few slow minutes of the day.


Impact Partnership with CARE

Through the Academy’s Impact Partnerships, I was able to become a volunteer with the non-profit CARE. I usually work on my projects with CARE throughout the day, but dedicate an hour before class starts to make sure everything is on track. Every Wednesday I meet with my lovely supervisor to update her on my progress, get new tasks, and discuss politics.


Class Time

I usually spend a half hour before class polishing my understanding of the material, answering the guideline questions, and taking notes. By doing it right before class, the concepts are fresh in my mind and I’m able to contribute and understand what’s going on better.


Speaker Series

The timing for the speaker series varies, but it often falls late at night for me so I’ll multitask and eat dinner simultaneously. The speaker series was a large factor behind me applying to Global Citizen Year Academy, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to inspiring leaders share their wisdom and experience with us. Afteward, I’ll usually reflect on the session and then get ready for bed. However, no day is the same as another. Some days are packed, some days are less packed, but I look forward to each day just as much as the last!