A Day in the Life:

Get a glimpse into how the Academy can enrich your gap year, college, or high school experience.

Hi! I'm Rara.

I’m originally from Indonesia but have lived in the U.S. for the past two years as a United World College student. I’m currently doing a full course load at St. Olaf College while also doing the Academy program. Why both? The abundant opportunities with the Academy are just too precious to be missed! Curious how I spend my days as a college student as well as the Academy student? Scroll down to get to know my day better!


Explore Nature or Workout

After doing my morning prayer, I usually start my day by either walking around the natural lands of my college, going to the gym for a quick workout, or simply enjoying the sunrise with a cup of tea and a podcast.


Start college classes

Most weekdays I have college classes (hybrid or online) on Economics, Race & Ethnic Studies, and Environmental Studies. The library is my top choice to spend quiet time focusing on the lecture without any interruptions.


Pre-work for Academy

After completing my college courses, I grab some lunch with friends before doing my prep work before the Academy starts. If I was able to finish the readings over the weekend, I’ll take a quick trip into the nearest town with friends to grab some coffee and take a break from studying.


Academy Time!

It’s time for the Academy! During my Academy class, I get to engage in challenging discussions with students and mentors from around the world. The Leadership As A Practice course allows me to be closer with myself as I discover my identity, strengths, and community along the way. Plus, the Academy aligns with so many of my college courses. It’s been fascinating to see how learning about my community in the Academy connects to the economics and environmental studies courses that I have in college! Doing the Academy and college may seem like a lot, but you’ll be amazed by how much you’ll learn!


Flex time & international travel club

My evenings vary from day to day. Sometimes I’ll go on a sunset walk with friends, work on group projects, watch my favorite Korean dramas, or catch up with family and friends from back home. Not to mention the student-led clubs from the Academy! My favorite one is the international travel club where students share their experiences visiting different parts of the world.


Wind down

Usually by this time, I’ll be in my residence hall preparing to wind down for the day. Sometimes, I may need to stay up late if I have a major assignment due or midterms. Nevertheless, it’s very manageable to do both college and the Academy as long as scheduling and time management are in your pocket. Yes, there’s a trade-off but I believe it’s worth it to spend time with people that have the same vision as you to create real change, build global connections, and open minds.